10 Jersey roads to avoid when it snows

For me, there is nothing worse than having to get out and drive when it snows. Of course, as life wants, every time it snows I usually have to go out and drive somewhere.

Luckily there is New Jersey 101.5 to give you the circulation and conditions on the main Jersey roads and then some. Too bad for the shameless decision.

There are also some roads that should be avoided at all costs when the weather gets bad. These roads are the ones you dread having to face. I’ve asked my listeners and social media followers to find the roads they try their best to avoid, and they think these are the roads you should avoid when it snows.

Having participated in many of them, I can also attest to that. Of course, when driving in bad weather, be careful. I need all the listeners I can get!

Mitchell jay

Roosevelt’s 571 at the end that goes into 524 at Millstone. The hill at the end where they intersect is impossible to navigate without the best snow equipped vehicle and it will always be difficult.

County Road 571 Google Maps

Peg Weber Bradford

Maple Leaf Reader, Sewell
Elderly complex where poor elderly people have to retreat to the main road, no traffic lights. someone is going to get killed! Dangerous normally … super dangerous in snow
Please help get actions for these old people to get a traffic light

Drive Google Maps Medical Center

Joni jaglowski

Route 17… all the time!!

Tricia biondi

287… dangerous in good weather, horrible with precipitation

Brian Gregory

Eggert crossing road, Ewing side lol

Eggert Crossing Road, Ewing Google Maps

Deborah Mai

Hoes Lane, Piscataway. Avenue du Centenaire too. Most of the roads in Piscataway are bad.

Hoes Lane, Piscataway Google Maps
Avenue du Centenaire, Piscataway Google Maps

John kensil

42, Just above the bridge

Robert pisani

Route 280 east to west of Orange. Steep hill

Route 280 to West Orange Google Maps

Lou Pensa

Skyline Drive in Ringwood / Oakland !! Going down the mountain is like a ski slope and you don’t want to go too far to the left, especially with the moving truck !!

Skyline Drive in Ringwood Google Maps

Jeff Polascak

The road to work …

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