50 awesome kids from New Jersey who are absolutely adoptable


Have you ever thought about adopting a child? I did, but I never acted on it.

Why? Firstly because I didn’t think I was in the right place in my life to make such a big commitment, but mostly because I was afraid of it. I was afraid that I wasn’t good at it, that I wouldn’t be able to do everything to make the life of my adopted child better.

Then I had my own kids and started raising and loving them and the idea of ​​adopting seemed even less realistic due to the time constraints of being a parent already.

But, really, that was probably just another excuse.

Adopting isn’t for everyone and maybe I’m just not suited to be an adoptive parent. Or, maybe I still haven’t come at the right time in my life to adopt.

I know there are so many wonderful kids out there who really need good foster parents.

Especially older children.

Statistics from the NJ Dept. of Child Welfare show that the average age of adopted children from New Jersey was around 5.8 years old. For children 9 years of age and over, the likelihood of being adopted drops dramatically. And New Jersey teens who hope to be adopted are unlikely to have families they can consider their own.

I wanted to show what some of these kids are like, especially the older kids in New Jersey, and give some background on their lives.

Not necessarily to make you feel guilty for not adopting one of them, but to help both of us realize that these kids are real people who could really enjoy a break in life.

Here are 50 Awesome New Jersey Kids Who Are Absolutely Adaptable!

50 awesome kids from New Jersey who are absolutely adoptable

Here are 50 Awesome New Jersey Kids Who Are Absolutely Adaptable!

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