Chairman Daniel B. Maffei visits New York Harbor and New Jersey to meet with stakeholders – Federal Maritime Commission


Yesterday, in response to growing concerns about congestion in the Port of New York and New Jersey, Chairman Maffei and Chief Executive Lucille Marvin (also the current Acting Director of the Bureau of Enforcement, Investigations, and Compliance) met traveled to Newark and met with representatives of the trucking community and marine terminal operators.

Last week, the National Industrial Transportation League (NITL) and the Bi-State Motor Carriers Association (Bi-State) sent formal correspondence to the Commission raising concerns about equipment availability and demurrage charges. and detention. Both groups urged the Commission to suspend demurrage and detention at the Port of New York and New Jersey. In order to see the conditions first hand and recognize the significance of the issues, Chairman Maffei and Ms Marvin traveled to the port yesterday to meet directly with stakeholders.

After the meetings, Chairman Maffei made the following statement: “When ocean carriers continue to bring thousands of containers per month into a port and only pick up a fraction of that number, it creates an untenable situation for terminals. , importers and exporters, trucking companies, and the port itself.The Commission has previously investigated reports of carriers charging daily container fees even when the shipper or trucker may not be able to return the container. due to terminal congestion.I will ask that this investigation be broadened and intensified to cover cases where shippers and truckers are forced to store containers or move them without proper compensation.

Maffei also noted: “The Commission will ask carriers who have fallen the furthest behind in collecting their empties what their plan is to rectify the situation. Regardless of their answers, I will do everything in my power to ensure carriers do not unwittingly benefit from subsidized storage for empty containers that belong to them. If it can be shown that a shipper or trucker is not authorized to return a container, not only should they not be charged by the day, but the carrier should compensate that trucker for the space they occupy . This is fully in line with the incentive principle set out by the Commission in its regulations in that it would promote the movement of goods since the frames and space would be freed up by the carriers taking full charge of the empty containers resulting from the increased volumes of import cargo they bring.

Chairman Maffei and Ms Marvin also met with Port leaders, including Port Manager Bethann Rooney, who was instrumental in arranging the meetings on short notice.

President Daniel B. Maffei and General Manager Lucille Marvin meet with Bi-State Motor Carriers at Port of New York and New Jersey

General Manager Lucille Marvin, President Daniel B. Maffei and Port Manager of PANYNJ Bethann Rooney with representatives of the Bi-State Motor Carriers Association

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