Coddies takes shoe innovation to a new level with the launch of 5 bizarre new styles


The new styles further testify to the founder’s seemingly limitless limits. Jack Bennet’s imagination, which has already produced hits such as Fish Flip Flops, Bread Loafers and Cabbage Creepers. Coddies has gained a cult following among global customers who love to swim upstream and go against the tide, boldly standing out in their completely unique footwear. It seems that Coddies will soon be able to see that he has a pair of shoes for everyone, from sushi lovers to Labrador fans and even those who want to show off an avian sensibility with an anarchist bent and don a pair of Punk Chickens.

“The new styles are the product of a period of brainstorming,” said Jack. “We want to give people lots of ideas for Christmas presents and Secret Santa gifts this holiday season and to Coddies HQ, the general theme is “the stranger the better.” “

“Punk Chicken is a totally unique design,” he continued. “But I have a feeling people are going to relate to this.”

New styles include a mix of soft indoor slippers (Santa Claus and Punk Chicken) and versatile indoor and outdoor shoes with plush lining and rubber sole (Shoe-shi, Duck and Labrador) .

“The softer ones are more for snuggling inside or wearing while you work at home while the rubber-soled styles are designed to be worn anywhere and everywhere. Coddies on, ”Jack continued.

While the brand has started to create innovative summer shoes, such as the official Fish Flip Flop, it has recently launched into shoes with a plush lining and padded footbed that are suitable for both the inside and outside. It reflects the pandemic and people need to spend more time indoors. “Coddies the shoes are designed to make people smile, ”added Jack. “We hope they have lifted spirits during the dark days of the pandemic and that our new styles will bring joy to even more people. “

Chances are there will be plenty of smiles this Christmas morning from the recipients of Coddies latest shoe styles.

About Coddies

Coddies was launched in early 2018 by Jack Bennet with the idea of ​​disrupting the shoe industry. Bored with the constant repetition of summer shoe styles, he decided to create totally unique and unmistakably fun shoes, inspired by his travels around the world. As the Coddies line expands into more weird and wonderful ideas, so does its loyal customer base around the world, helping the brand achieve its goal of producing shoes that make people smile. At Coddies, sustainability is an issue close to our hearts and as such, they donate a percentage of the profits to marine conservation charities that protect fish – of course, cod included!

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