Gottheimer raised $ 2.9 million for fellow Democrats

The Human Fundraising Machine is helping Democrats raise a shipment of money.

Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-Wyckoff) has raised more than $ 2.9 million for “Democrats Who Solve Problems” to seek local, county and federal offices.

“I am proud to have contributed and helped raise resources for so many thoughtful and determined elected officials and candidates to solve problems in 2021,” said Gottheimer. “For Jersey’s sake, my focus is on helping sane people like me who want lower taxes, clean water for our children, and roads and bridges that don’t collapse. “

House Problem Solvers Caucus Chairman Gottheimer and Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-Montclair) used their votes in favor of the Build Back Better Act to get Democrats to agree to reinstate the state and local tax deduction (SALT ) when they approved the bill on Friday.

The three-term Democrat has become one of the most prodigious fundraisers in New Jersey history. As of Oct. 1, Gottheimer had a giant $ 11 million in cash and raised around $ 21.7 million for his own campaigns in New Jersey’s 5th District.

So far, three Republicans have announced their intention to face Gottheimer in next year’s midterm elections: Nick DeGregorio, who served stints in Iraq and Afghanistan as the US Navy; Sussex-Wantage Regional Education Council Chairman Nick D’Agostino; and Frank Pallotta, an investment banker who spent $ 1.435 million of his own money trying to topple Gottheimer in 2020. He lost by 31,842 votes, 53% to 46%.

Gottheimer will likely get a main challenge from the left. Last year, he beat Glen Rock city councilor Arati Kreibich in the Democratic primary by 33 points.

Kreibich is not planning a rematch with Gottheimer, according to Kelsey Moore, spokesperson for a group of progressives who protested against the Bergen County Democrat.

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