Heroic Navy veteran in ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ shirt honored for ending armed robbery


A veteran of the Arizona Marines was honored and called a hero for stopping an attempted armed robbery.

ORIGINAL STORY: HERO Marine veteran helps stop armed robbery

Arizona resident James Kilcer was honored by his region with the Citizen’s Valor Award for disarming a suspect with a handgun that brought the suspect to the ground.

Sheriff Leon Wilmot presented Kilcer with the award saying “For extraordinary heroism and exceptional courage while willingly assisting another citizen in an incident involving criminal activity at extreme personal risk, putting his life in danger, in order to save or protect human life. “

The YCSO Citizen’s Valor Award is the highest honor bestowed on citizens whose actions deserve recognition, according to the sheriff’s office.

Kilcer, who wore a ‘Let’s go Brandon’ shirt during the awards ceremony, also received a shout from former President Donald Trump.

“Thank you, James — Tough and Smart! Said former President Trump.

If you are wondering about the origins of what “Let’s Go Brandon” means, you can find out here.

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