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Tips to make a good investment and pay your debts

The common thing is that people look for financial stability, regardless of the work they have.

Which becomes a bit difficult when dealing with a high load of debt and interest on loans when it comes to achieving relative stability.

You, as an entrepreneur and a person who aspires to financial success, must know how to manage and invest your money in an effective way must be paramount, considering all the uncertainty involved in having your own business or making a large investment.

But you also recognize that if you do not have money movements, it is easily accessible, it does not have a certain destination and therefore it is easier to spend irresponsibly.

So before you fall into temptation, we share everything you need to know to invest your money and guarantee your financial growth. Let’s take a look!


The importance of investing in different ways

The importance of investing in different ways

Some investments allow you to allocate a small amount, while others require a higher value to begin with. Likewise, it happens at the time of withdrawing your winnings.

There are some investments in which you will see short-term gains, while in others you will see the flow of money after six months or a year.

All this has to do with the way you do your market research and will allow you to realize the multiple investment options that are available according to your entrepreneur profile.

Equally, it is not that you will put everything you have in a single investment. The idea is that you have more than one option.

There are many oscillations in the financial market, which makes it risky to make a total investment in only one area.

To avoid these damages or lose the value invested, consider diversifying your investments. This way you ensure that your financial resources multiply and you avoid the dramatic losses.


The value to invest

The value to invest

You should know that there is no minimum or maximum value to invest, the amount will vary depending on the type of investment and the profile of the entrepreneur.

Your income, liabilities and decisions will also influence the amount of your investment. This can be done with a quick calculation based on target sum.

You can start recording all your fixed expenses, such as rent, financing, electricity bills, water, health plan, electronic services, monthly accounts, taxes, studies, among others. Do not forget to place the expenses generated by your company and the cash flow, if you have a business of your own.

After recording all these expenses, consider whether you can reserve at least 10% of your monthly income to invest.

This percentage may depend on you, if you think it should be more or less, it is your decision. But if you can invest a fixed amount monthly, it will be easier for you to reach your goal.


Types of investment

Types of investment

There are several types of investment, as you should imagine, so we are going to present the main formats and explain what differentiates each of them so that you can decide the best way to invest money, so that you can get out of your debts.




Saving is one of the most common forms of investment, probably because it is available at any financial institution.

It is also one of the most profitable ways for the investor. You just need to find a financial company with the necessary documentation in hand and open a savings book.

In it you will deposit the percentage that you dedicate for your investments.


Time deposit

Time deposit

This investment option is a security issued by banks in order to raise money to finance their activities, such as investments or loans to third parties.

By investing in a term deposit, you lend your money to the bank and receive in return the payment of interest on the operation, which can be pre or post-fixed.

In most cases, the longer the period of application, the greater the remuneration.


Exchange letters

good investment

Bills of exchange are also a form of savings where the sum of money to be invested can be withdrawn on a set date and whose returns depend on the market to which the value is associated.

Real estate is one of the most common markets.


Direct Treasure

investment loan

It is a program developed to enable the online sale of federal public securities for individuals.

If in the above options the investor “lends” his money to the institutions, in the direct treasury the loan is made directly to the federal or national government.

Therefore, the investment is available for the government to invest in public works and, after the determined term, the investor receives the capital back with an added value.


Other tips

debt payment

Now that you have understood where you can invest money, let’s continue with some practical tips that can help you start your investments.

Consult a specialist

If you do not know anything about the financial world but want to start taking charge of your economic life, it will be worth consulting a specialist in the field, be it a bank manager, accountant, investment analyst or economist.

In this way, you can thoroughly analyze each option and allocate the ideal value for each type of investment.


Have a goal when saving

One of the points to consider when applying money is the goal you want to achieve with that value. If you want to obtain a certain amount in a certain period, you can establish a list of small objectives with which you will fulfill a greater objective.

It will be realistic to achieve and, in turn, easier.


Save on the little things

On a day-to-day basis, you can buy many low-cost items that, when accumulated, can result in large expenses that affect your debt.

You must pay attention to these minor expenses that, if reduced, can generate a good economy and allow you to make a greater investment.

Now that you have read these tips, you will become a great investor and you can start taking control of your financial life!