Deranged man threatens to kill minorities at New Jersey mall

According to Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey Police Captain Joseph Rinke, an obviously troubled man sent disturbing text messages “that he was going to an unfamiliar mall to ‘fuck kill them,'” while using slurs racial.

It was a direct reference that the man was threatening to kill minorities.

Frank Passaro, of Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey was arrested and charged with:

  • Several counts of terrorist threats.

Passaro, 66, is being held for psychiatric evaluation, Rinke said.

The challenge for law enforcement was that Passaro did not confirm which mall he might actually be making his threat via text.

Rinke confirmed that Passaro was not in possession of any weapons.

The Paramus Police Department “was able to arrest Passaro without incident in the north parking lot of the Garden State Plaza” yesterday, Friday afternoonon February 18, 2022, Rinke said.

Law enforcement also obtained search warrants and found no weapons in Passaro’s car or home. These facts were confirmed by Rinke, who also confirmed that no weapons are registered in Passaro.

It was a successful collaboration between the Paramus and Hasbrouck Heights Police Departments throughout this successful arrest.

They got a big break in the case when a friend of Passaro informed them of Passaro’s threat.

Rinke said the ‘friend’ told them that Passaro was ‘upset with a verdict delivered today and that he was going to seek revenge against minorities, whether African American or Asian,’ Rinke said .

Paramus police found Passaro’s car in the third level of the Garden State Plaza parking lot and found Passaro shortly thereafter.

Rinke thanked the following people for their help:

  • Paramus font.
  • Bergen County Regional SWAT Team
  • Bergen County District Attorney’s Bias Crimes Unit.

SOURCES: Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey Police Department, Captain Joseph Rinke and Paramus, New Jersey Police Department.

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