Family to file lawsuit against Boston bar where ex-Marine was stabbed to death – NBC Chicago

The family of a former Marine has announced plans to file a civil lawsuit against a Boston bar after he was allegedly stabbed to death by a bouncer during a confrontation earlier this month.

Daniel Martinez, 23, was stabbed to death outside the Sons of Boston bar on March 19, according to law enforcement officials.

Now, Marine’s former family and their attorneys have announced their intention to file a lawsuit against the bar, seeking answers and additional evidence.

That evidence includes surveillance footage that prosecutors say shows the shocking scene after Martinez’s death.

“The attacker was allowed to re-enter the bar, clean up his blood and escape through the back door,” attorney Tom Flaws said. “These shocking allegations warrant (and) demand further investigation.”

The Boston Police Department told the NBC affiliate in the city that Alvaro Larrama, 38, turned into law enforcement this week. Larrama now faces murder charges in connection with the fatal stabbing.

Court documents obtained by NBC Boston detail that an altercation took place between Larrama and Martinez, who was denied entry to the bar. Moments later, prosecutors say Martinez was seen grabbing his chest after the bouncer allegedly punched him.

Martinez would later die from a single stab wound to the chest.

“This lawsuit will give us subpoena power and demand that Sons of Boston be transparent and hand over everything they have regarding this horrific incident,” Flaws said.

Sons of Boston and the suspect’s attorney did not return NBC 5’s request for comment before this story aired.

Meanwhile, Boston police have since revoked the bar’s entertainment license, but it is still allowed to remain open pending the investigation.

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