Gottheimer helps Pallotta win GOP nomination to run against him

It looks like Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-Wyckoff) has a preference in the Republican primary to pick his opponent in the general election.

It’s a rematch with Frank Pallotta, Mahwah’s former investment banker.

Gottheimer is unopposed in the Democratic primary, but that hasn’t stopped him from sending letters to Republican households in an effort to link Pallotta to Donald Trump.

“Frank Pallotta looks too much like Trump,” the Gottheimer courier said in what looks like an aggressive passive attack on Pallotta aimed at pushing Republican voters toward Pallotta by portraying him as an ally of a former president who remains popular among voters. GOP primaries.

Sender uses Trump’s endorsement for Pallotta in his failed bid to unseat Gottheimer in 2020. Trump took no sides in the 2020 primary between Pallotta and Nick De Gregorio, a U.S. Navy veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

One of the Republicans who received the Gottheimer mail was De Gregorio.

“It’s clear who Josh Gottheimer wants to win this Republican primary – and it’s not the guy who served his country on four overseas tours and is now calling on him and others to sell their equity portfolios to clean up Washington,” De Gregorio said. .

De Gregorio accused the three-term congressman of interfering in the GOP primary, “using liberal special interests money to run his own Putin-style disinformation campaign to confuse the public.” minds of Republican primary voters as to who is the real conservative leader in this race”.

“That’s completely untrue – and if Josh is the statesman he claims to be, he will immediately halt all spending in the CD5 Republican primary,” De Gregorio said. “I also call on my opponent, Frank Pallotta, to immediately disavow Gottheimer’s attempt to put his thumb on the scales in this race.”

The Gottheimer campaign declined to comment on the mailer.

Two years ago, Gottheimer beat Pallotta by 31,842 votes, 53%-46%. Pallotta spent about $1.4 million of his own money on this race, but his fundraising numbers this cycle have been slow. It has raised just $38,650 in the first quarter of 2022 and only $250,740 since entering the race in April 2021.

DeGregorio has raised $309,503 in the first three months of this year, and more than $700,000 in total since becoming a congressional candidate last November.

Gottheimer, known as the Human Fundraising Machine, has $13.1 million in his campaign budget.

“Josh is scared for good reason. He knows the cost of food and gas, and the Biden administration’s dismal failure to secure the border and support our cops are indefensible here,” De Gregorio said. “But here’s a message for you, Josh, man to man: I will never stop fighting for the future of this country against gutless cowards like you.”

With the Bergen County organization line, De Gregorio is the favorite in the race to face Gottheimer. But Pallotta has organizational support in the Passaic and Sussex portions of New Jersey’s 5th District.

This week, Pallotta avoided a New Jersey Globe/Save Jersey debate with De Gregorio.

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