HII launches Virginia-class submarine in New Jersey

HII announced that the Virginia New Jersey-class submarine (SSN 796) was recently launched in the James River by the company’s Newport News Shipbuilding division.

The 7,800-tonne submarine, which had been in a floating drydock since being transferred from a construction facility in March, was submerged and moved by tugs to the shipyard’s underwater dock for equipment final, testing and certification of the crew.

“Reaching this construction milestone is a very rewarding event for our shipbuilding team,” said Jason Ward, Newport News vice president for Virginia-class submarine construction. “Our shipbuilders and suppliers have devoted years of hard work to this critical capability that will maintain our customers’ underwater superiority. We are now looking forward to executing our sea trial program and working on sea trials so that we can deliver to the Navy.

Through the association agreement with General Dynamics Electric Boat, approximately 10,000 shipbuilders, along with suppliers from 50 states, have participated in the construction of New Jersey since work began in 2016. New Jersey is completed in about 92%.

The Virginia-class submarines, a class of nuclear-powered fast-attack submarines, are built for a wide range of offshore and littoral missions to replace the Los Angeles-class submarines of the Marine when removed. Virginia-class submarines incorporate dozens of new technologies and innovations that increase firepower, maneuverability and stealth to dramatically improve their combat capabilities. These submarines are capable of supporting multiple mission areas and can operate at speeds of over 25 knots for months at a time.

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