Ice storm coming to New Jersey this week; Find out when

Enough is enough, we’ve had enough of winter.

The rain is coming towards the end of the week as we warm up this week, thank goodness. According to, when this rain arrives at the end of the week, along with the warm weather and rain, it will freeze over in many parts of New Jersey.

When does the ice storm arrive in New Jersey?

Temperatures will be in the mid 40’s before the temperatures drop and the rain turns to ice. Rain and wet things will start on Thursday evening, forecasters say. But, the good news for us in Ocean County, it will remain relatively warm with warmer temperatures closer to shore. Wooh, that’s a huge relief for us who are still coming out of last weekend’s big snowstorm.

Will Ocean County be affected by the ice storm later this week?

This storm looks like the further north you go, the more ice there will be and temperatures will begin to drop overnight. Looking at the maps, here in Ocean County and Monmouth County, it looks like it’s raining for us. Will all the snow leave with the rain and warmer temperatures, fingers crossed?

As you head west into New Jersey on Thursday evening with the colder temperatures, take it easy, there could be some icing. For the best way to find out what our weather will be like here on the Jersey Shore, follow meteorologist Dan Zarrow of 92.7 WOBM and his weather blog.

When it rains heavily and there is already so much snow on the ground, we have to watch out for localized flooding in our streets and roads. But, the ice to us in Ocean County looks like rain.


We may have to watch out for flooding this week in Ocean County:

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