Is a digital card the same as a credit card?

Is a digital card the same as a credit card? The answer is no. Credit cards are physical cards that you can use to make transactions. They are widely accessible but come with a number of fees. These include membership fees, annual fees, interest charges and other hidden charges. Digital credit cards like LazyCard, as introduced by LazyPay, are radically different and offer a host of multiple benefits for consumers. Moreover, they are more convenient and advanced compared to traditional credit card options.

What are the differences with digital cards and why are they better

1. They sometimes come in virtual and physical forms, making them the best credit card alternatives of modern times.

2. They offer state-of-the-art personal data security and are very flexible in their use.

3. They don’t come with hidden costs or other exorbitant costs like credit cards.

4. They often have lower interest rates than credit cards.

5. They provide instant credit to their users.

6. They are widely accepted by merchants and retailers nationwide, which may not be the case with all credit cards.

7. They have a faster onboarding and application process than credit cards.

As can be seen, digital cards are more dynamic as financial payment and transaction solutions for today’s consumers. This helps them get a head start on the credit card solutions available today. On that note, here’s a closer look at LazyCard, which has completely redefined this space lately.

Pioneering digital card solutions

While there are several options available today, there are digital card solutions that are more expansive, providing long-term benefits, flexibility, and convenience. If you’ve done your homework on the best credit card solutions lately, at least digitally, you must have heard of LazyCard. This solution offers what may well be the ultimate solution for thousands of users worldwide. Here are some of the key points that make this digital card an attractive option for everyone:

– The LazyCard is also available in a physical avatar, giving consumers more options.

– Fast, paperless KYC to get started with zero annual/membership fees.

– Zero hidden fees.

– Limit of Rs. 5 lakh which is higher than many other counterparts in the market.

– Up to 5% cashback on every purchase with INR 500 cashback on the very first transaction.

– It has 99.50% nationwide acceptance and a huge range of merchants.

– It’s a lifetime free card with low and reasonable interest rates.

– Adheres to all RBI guidelines and created in partnership with Visa and SBM, ensuring complete security of customer money and details.

– Full functionality through the LazyPay app. Easy downloads from Google Play Store/Apple App Store are available.

– You get redeemable points, discount coupons and other special offers.

The best part is that paying off your LazyCard bill gives your credit score a positive boost every time! You can use this digital card solution to gradually increase your credit score and overall creditworthiness over time. It overcomes the 24-hour or short-term usage limitations of some digital cards while offering physical and virtual transactions, attractive rewards, low interest rates, high limit, simple eligibility guidelines and quick setup process. This makes LazyCard the best credit card alternative you can use to maintain your financial health! To learn more about the LazyCard and its activation process, watch this video or visit the LazyPay website today.

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