Moon Knight Director Explains Why Mr. Knight’s Costume Is Unique In The MCU

The costume worn by Oscar Isaac’s Mr. Knight in Disney+’s Moon Knight is unlike any other seen in the MCU so far, says director Mohamed Diab.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen a wide variety of outfits worn by its heroes, but none of them resemble the costume worn by Steven Grant/M. Knight in Disney+ Moon Knight. It even differs from the costume worn by Marc Spector in his Moon Knight guise, explains director Mohamed Diab.

“Ironically, we started with Steven having Moon Knight and Marc having Mr. Knight, but that’s one of the best things about taking your time and developing things,” Diab told Collider. “You start to realize no, no, no, this suit is for this guy. This is what works for them.”

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Steven is a mild-mannered gift shop worker and Marc is an ex-Marine empowered by the Egyptian god Khonshu. Unlike many other superheroes who have dual identities, Steven and Marc are two separate Quirks, and Steven is – at first – unaware of Marc’s existence. Their differing backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge are visually represented by the two distinctly different costumes the two characters invoke. “That’s why Steven, who is completely removed from the superhero world, his cool thing is when they tell him to summon the suit, it’s a suit. It’s almost an Armani suit,” explained Diab. “I love how different it is from anything we’ve seen before in any superhero.”

Even though Marc/Moon Knight is more of a traditional superhero than the dapper Mr. Knight, the costume is also very different, as the costume design is heavily influenced by Egyptian history and culture, as is the show itself. same. A recent vignette detailed the amount of research and care taken to ensure that moon knight is as historically and mythologically accurate as possible. “I think that says a lot about the story,” Diab said. “You can look at the suit and dissect, you can see the crescent in his, which he’s shooting. And that’s a weapon. You see how he’s mummified and the cape and the weapons, and you see the hieroglyphics on him . It’s such an interesting thing.”

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Mr. Knight’s costume, on the other hand, is more suited to the modern world. Ironically, this raised concerns that it looked more out of place than the fantastic Moon Knight costume. “As a director, I was much more afraid of Mr. Knight’s suit because a white suit like that could look so bad on camera. And it could be silly and it could be weird. But ironically, the moment Oscar stepped in, we felt…that’s very cool.”

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