Moon Knight S1 Director Explains The Meaning Of Mr. Knight’s Beautiful Costume

The new costume worn by Oscar Isaac’s Mr. Knight in Moon Knight, the new Disney+ series, is unlike anything we’ve seen in the MCU so far. It certainly helps cement the story as reaching beyond the corners of the universe touched by the shows and movies thus far.

Mohamed Diab, the director of the new MCU show, said that “Ironically, we started with Steven having Moon Knight and Marc having Mr. Knight, but that’s one of the best things about taking your time and developing things.”


As Diab told Collider, this costume worn by Steven Grant (when he’s Mr. Knight) is different from the outfits worn by our favorite heroes in the MCU. Luckily he was kind enough to explain the reason and why this is happening Moon Knight a part.

Mr. Knight’s look in Moon Knight explained

Steven Grant is a gift shop employee and Marc, who discovers that Steven is one of his Quirks, is an ex-Marine with powers granted to him by the Egyptian god Khonshu. This superhero and Steven suffer from a dual identity, known as dissociative identity disorder. Steven realizes that Marc is an alternate identity of him early in the series, having initially been unaware of his existence.

Diab wanted the two characters to have different backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge. With that came the idea of ​​the two distinctly different costumes that these two characters can connect with.

Moon Knight Director Explains The Meaning Of Mr. Knight's Beautiful Costume

“That’s why Steven, who is completely removed from the world of superheroes – what’s cool is when they tell him to summon the suit, it’s a suit. It’s an almost Armani suit” Diab explained, “I love how different it is from anything we’ve seen before in any superhero.”

Mr. Knight’s look is more of a red carpet look compared to Marc Spector, while Moon Knight is more of a regular superhero. Mr. Knight’s costume is so different and the costume design is heavily influenced by Egyptian history and culture. Much research and care has gone into the design of this suit to ensure it is historically and mythologically accurate.

Moon Knight Director Explains The Meaning Of Mr. Knight's Beautiful Costume

Diab went on to explain further:

I think that says a lot about the story. You can look at the suit and dissect, you can see the crescent in his, which he pulls. And it’s a weapon. You see how he is mummified and the cape and the weapons, and you see the hieroglyphics in him. It’s such an interesting thing.

This new Mr. Knight costume is more “adapted” to the modern world. No pun intended. Diab shared that, “As a director, I was much more scared of Mr. Knight’s suit because a white suit like this could look so bad on camera. And it could be silly and it could be weird. But ironically, the moment Oscar stepped in, we felt…that’s very cool.

What do you think of Mr. Knight’s costume? We absolutely love it! It brings out Oscar Isaac in this amazing performance as Moon Knight. Which costume do you prefer? What do you think of Oscar Isaac’s performance as Moon Knight? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media, and don’t forget to share everything Moon Knight theories or baleen that you develop over the course of the series.

Expect more new episodes of Moon Knight premiering on Disney+ every Wednesday. But know that there are only 6 episodes, so we only have 5 weeks left!


Source: Collider

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