Murder victim’s mother files federal complaint over alleged gun purchase by killer

The mother of a woman who was shot and killed outside her Oceanside apartment filed a lawsuit against the federal government on Tuesday, claiming it had not banned her alleged killer from legally buying a gun, despite the fact that he should have been prohibited from doing so under federal law. .

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in San Diego by the mother of Devon Rideout, 24, a member of Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton who was shot on July 20, 2018, allegedly by Eduardo Arriola, 29, who remains imprisoned awaiting trial for Rideout’s murder.

According to the lawsuit, Arriola – a former US Marine – was tried in military court for desertion, during which he was found mentally incapable to stand trial.

This discovery should have prevented him from buying a gun, but Rideout’s mother alleges that Arriola was able to purchase a revolver at an Oceanside shooting range, which was ultimately used to kill Rideout. The gun was purchased about two months before Rideout died.

Rideout’s mother alleges that Arriola should have been listed in the criminal background check system used by gun dealers and that various government entities failed to report to the proper authorities that he was a banned person.

The lawsuit also cites multiple Department of Defense Inspector General reports alleging that various military branches failed to report criminal records.

“The Department of Defense failed in its obligation to obey the law; flouted its duty to victims of gun violence, including Devon Rideout; and inexcusably neglected to do what the law requires,” the lawsuit states.

Arriola, who lived in the same apartment complex as the victim, was arrested at the scene. He is due to be heard in April regarding his ability to stand trial in the murder case.

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