The Boys give A-Train a cool new costume

A-Train will sport a new costume in season 3 of The boys.

The Prime Video series has finally released its first teaser for Season 3, giving fans a look at their favorite supes and plenty of brutal action. Actor Jessie Usher will be returning to play A-Train, but in addition to his usual blue and white threads, the teaser revealed he’ll be getting a brand new awesome costume. However, the teaser also indicates that A-Train will be at odds with other supers in the upcoming season.

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In the original 84-issue comic book series with included miniseries, A-Train never received a new costume like this. The costume changes its color scheme to green, brown, and gold elements, similar to the costume of Soldier Boy, a supe played by Supernatural alum Jensen Ackles in the upcoming season. A-Train is seen wearing the costume while walking amidst police and protesters, and at other times in the teaser. One of those moments appears to be the reality TV series “American Hero,” which will be a superhero competition to select the remaining members of the Seven, Vought’s first super team.

Another time A-Train is seen wearing the suit is during an altercation with Blue Hawk (Nick Wechsler). The supe is another Season 3 newcomer who was described as being “particularly tough on crime” by the show’s Vought News Network. A moment from the teaser shows Blue Hawk attacking a man in front of other bystanders, with A-Train then blocking the supe’s path.

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The old A-Train costume will still be in it The boys however, given that he wears it while being threatened by Homelander in the teaser. A-Train’s relationship with the Seven became rocky in Season 2, following Homelander’s decision to kick him out of the team. The speedster joined the Church of the Collective alongside the Deep in hopes that the organization would restore his place on the team, which he did.

The speedster is the supe that started The boys‘, being that his accidental murder of Hughie Campbell’s girlfriend prompted the young protagonist to join Billy Butcher and The Boys in defeating Vought. After committing acts like murdering his own girlfriend, performing Compound V to be experimented on on others and more, A-Train actually helped The Boys last season by blackmailing them into Stormfront. This allowed her image to be tarnished in the public eye, and she was left in a condition worse than death in the Season 2 finale.

The boys Season 3 debuts on Prime Video on June 3, 2022.

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