Twitter swoons over ‘thirst trap’ photo of Emmanuel Macron with open shirt on couch

French President Emmanuel Macron faces an ominous challenge from far-right Marine Le Pen in a nervous run-off next week.

But for now, he’s letting his hair down – or should we say, he’s letting it out?

On Sunday, many swooned over a photo of Macron lying on a couch with what looked like four popped buttons.

Marie Le Conte drew attention to the snap, saying: “A very good afternoon to the official photographer of Emmanuel Macron, who apparently, as of today, simply posted thirst traps from the President of France on Instagram.”

The sight of an excessively bushy amount of chest hair bursting through his crisp white shirt certainly turned heads, with one person saying she had become a ‘chest hair checker’ because she didn’t didn’t think the down was real.

“It can’t be his real chest hair,” they wrote, alongside a close-up image of the shaggy head of state.

For some, it’s fair to say that the Thirst Trap left them incredibly thirsty.

But others thought it was a little gross, and Le Conte later acknowledged that the photo provoked “strong but divided opinions”.

Others feared that the political leader of the United Kingdom was inspired by the same…

It’s definitely a drastic departure from her Zelensky-inspired look seen recently:

Marine Le Pen achieved her best results in the first round of presidential elections in France last week.

Le Pen won 23.3% of the vote on Sunday, just behind Emmanuel Macron, who topped the round with 28.1% of the vote..

The results mean she will face Macron on April 24 to determine who will be France’s president for the next five years.

This is the closest Le Pen has come to potentially expelling Macron. In her 2017 run, she lost to Macron 66% to 34%.

Its troubling policies include banning the Muslim headscarf in public places and deporting foreigners who have been unemployed for more than a year. The pen has also tried to tap into the grievances of voters who have had to deal with rising fuel, food and energy costs.

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