Vaccination Freedom Trucker Convoy arrives in New Jersey

Law enforcement in New Jersey and several other states are monitoring what could turn out to be several different convoys of truckers heading for the US capital in the coming weeks.

The convoy activity was apparently inspired by recent Canadian anti-vaccine mandate protests that shut down a vital trade route between Ontario and Michigan.

Now comes news of a convoy of truckers calling on hundreds of trucks and other vehicles to travel from North Jersey to the southern end of the state, with stops for rallies and entertainment, during the first weekend of March.

Blockages are not part of the plan

One of the convoy coordinators, Morris County resident Jackie Thomas, said no blockade was going to take place.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau invokes the Emergencies Act as protests continue in Ottawa

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“We don’t intend to do anything to hurt anyone. It’s peaceful. We’re just trying to end some of the things that we think are endangering our freedom,” she said.

Thomas said that after watching the anti-vaccine mandate protests in Canada on television, she learned that trucking convoys heading to Washington, D.C., from the northeast were not going through the Garden State because that the organizers wanted to avoid the New Jersey Turnpike tolls.

Convoy crossing New Jersey

She was inspired to help organize a convoy of hundreds of trucks and other vehicles that would start Saturday, March 5 at 10 a.m. at an as yet undisclosed location in Mahwah and head towards the New Egypt Speedway in Plumsted.

“We’re going to convoy down to central Jersey as a group,” she said.

She said that after the convoy arrives in the late afternoon, using toll-free roads and highways, a rally and celebration of non-partisan freedom will take place.

“We have a lot of speakers, we have a band, we have a DJ, we have food trucks, the whole area is invited,” she said.

She said that after camping at the Speedway overnight or staying at a nearby hotel or motel, convoy members will travel to the Salem Fairgrounds in South Jersey on Sunday for another freedom event with groups, speakers and entertainment for children that will last all day. the evening.

Friends celebrate party with sparklers and fireworks at sunset


On Monday morning, she said some truckers would then leave for Washington while others would stay in Jersey and return home.

Thomas said it is wrong to require a COVID vaccine to hold a job, go to a gym, attend a concert or enter a restaurant, and “we believe that at the very least we should have the freedom to decide what goes into our body. ”

Thomas said the vaccine does not prevent people from getting the virus, so there is no reason to make it mandatory.

Public health experts continue to remind people that the vaccine, which is largely safe, has helped reduce the risk of people contracting the virus or spreading it to others who cannot receive the vaccine or who would be severely at risk of complications from COVID.

The vaccine also helps prevent serious illness and death from the coronavirus.

You can get more information about the convoy here.

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